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Do you have more projects than time left in the week to finish them? Overwhelmed by the million tasks to do as an entrepreneur? Don't know where to start? This is about more than project management. Let's use the precious time you have to achieve your goals and stop struggling to run a business.

Let's take some time to problem solve.

A holistic approach to goal setting.

because fancy task management tools aren't always the solution.

A New Perspective

Are your goals realistic?

Project 168

How are you navigating your time?

Your Battle Plan

Projects. Goals. Strategy. Done.

As an entrepreneur, I know first-hand how overwhelming it can be to feel like you have a million things to do every day. And you're frustrated  because you're not consistently reaching your goals or SEEING REAL PROGRESS.

I’m here to help.


Hi. I'm Deanna.

It's time to use a holistic approach project management so you can achieve those ambitious goals and still have a life. I'm your high performance coach™, project management consultant and time budgeting strategist who helps entrepreneurial coaches, consultants and speakers to effectively use their time, manage project overwhelm and actually get things done!

A Process That Works

Why you'll start seeing real progress.

High Performance Coaching

Personalized Toolkit

Holistic Framework

"Deanna is truly a one of a kind coach! I’ve worked with several coaches in the past and I can say that out of all of them, Deanna challenged me the most to think bigger and to be my best self. It was a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for coaching."

Dr. Ram Cheruvu
De-Prescribing pharmacist

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"Deanna is not only an amazing coach, but she is passionate about her work. She is dedicated and cares deeply about her clients, making the experience of working with Deanna one that is truly transformational!"

Tanya Mundo, LCPC, PCC, NCC
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