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Is today the day you're really going to change your life?

Become the woman you're meant to be and find the guy you're meant to be with.

A holistic approach to living and dating.

Because how can you attract the man you want when you aren't clear about what you want in life? I combine the science of high performance coaching & relationship mentoring with the "woo" of spirituality to help you build a dream life and get the dream guy.



Does this sound familiar?

[Insert your name here! ]

Babe, you’re a great catch Creative. Successful. Passionate. Ambitious. Fiercely independent honey-making-money kind of gal.

You have a great sense of humor. You have a loyal tribe of besties. You're intelligent and kind. You’ve done a ton of personal work. Being in service to others is your thing.

You're fit, active and take great care of yourself, emotionally and physically. You're adventurous. A confident go-getter in high heels.

You've had quite the ride in life.  But it didn't keep you down.You've overcome toxic relationships. You've had some hurdles to conquer along the way. You didn't have the easiest childhood.  And maybe there's a sprinkle of depression, CPTSD and anxiety that still appears.

You go after the impossible dreams. You've built a wildly successful career. Overall your life is platinum. 

You've built a life you love....

But something's missing and you're struggling to find the right guy to love.



Your life is a scene from The Holiday.

Your lifestyle...

You want to stop compromising your lifestyle for your work style. You're spending too much time doing what you love because you don't have someone you love to come home to.

You're into the personal development scene because loving yourself is still a struggle.  You're a Gabby Bernstein, Jack Canfield Tony Robbins junkie! Positive affirmations and spiritual retreats are your thing.

You have all the things but you still feel unfulfilled. You have a closet full of handbags, shoes, and pretty dresses, a beautiful home filled with meaningful photos of friends and family, and bedrooms filled with the perfect amount of pillows.  You have barbecues in your zen designed backyard and your besties singing "Girls just want to have fun" while holding glasses of Prosecco and red wine.

In addition to your busy job, your calendar is chock a block full with volunteer work, yoga in the park, brunch with the besties, Meetup events and invites to movie premiers and gala fundraisers.

Life is great, but something's missing: A calendar filled with regular date nights with a beau and going to sleep without someone in bed with you other than your dog.


Which girl are you?

Your love life....


You haven't had a date in months! You thought you were in a good place from the toxic dude and bad marriage. Just when you're ready to go on the date, you pull back.

You're afraid if you get back into the dating pool, you'll choose the wrong guy (again), the wrong guy will find you, or there are no good men left. You're afraid you'll miss the red flags and fall into another toxic relationship.


You've gone on date after date...with total losers. You haven't figured out why the profile doesn't match the guy. You are so frustrated and totally over the online dating thing.  

You're ready to give up. You'd rather spend your time on a job you love or with your friends. That's cool. You don't really need a man anyway.  


The most frustrating thing is that you've gone out on dates with some quality men.  

They are kind and considerate and oh my gosh attractive! They have solid jobs. They have the same values and make you laugh with wine squirting out your nose. They share similar hobbies and are truly interested in you.

They say they're interested in you....and then crickets.  Or you go on the third date and there is JUST NO CHEMISTRY. WTF are you missing?




How Science + Spirituality leads to a life you love.

Love yourself.

Loving yourself is the foundation for a good relationship.

Love your life.

Are you living with intention?

Attract a Quality Man

You're worth the wait.  Love finds you.

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