I help the high achieving, spiritual woman LIKE YOU rediscover her purpose and regain confidence after toxic relationships to become the woman she's meant to be and finally reach her full potential.

[Because isn't time to get unstuck?]

What does your dream life look FEEL like?

Let's face it babe.  You've been playing the avoidance game by pouring yourself into your work, lying to yourself that you don't want a man, and are still unable to look into the mirror and say "I love me just as I am".   

And when you do get into a relationship, you're still attracting and staying with the wrong dude or self-sabotaging and losing a perfectly good relationship. Ouch.

You're far beyond the "support groups" and are ready to ditch the therapy.  But what's the next step?

Your Dream Life

Your self esteem and confidence is off. the. charts. Your career and lifestyle are totally aligned.  Whether taking a last minute road trip, leading a mastermind or taking a bubble bath on a weekday afternoon, you wake up doing what you love and living life on your terms.

Finding the One

No more excuses about no good men left! You're glowing with sexiness and confidence. You quickly recognize the red flags and don't allow your boundaries to be broken. You've shifted your mindset about dating and effortlessly attract men worth getting into a relationship with.  You're fully committed to finding "the one".


There's a stirring inside of your soul that you want to explore. You are eager to have a deeper connection with God.Source.Creator. You're meant to do more and serve a greater purpose.  Follow the path to feeling centered and fulfillled. Redefine his plan for you and gain new perspective on seeing him in everyone and everything.

You've come this far. Let me help you go further.

Mindset + Systems x Spirituality = Sustainable Happiness.


Let me help you reclaim your power and learn how to live a life you love.

Hi, I’m Deanna, the "Navy Seal" of life coaches. As a narcissistic abuse survivor, I’ve discovered a holistic approach for healing from trauma and CPTSD that doesn’t require life long therapy or antidepressants. Join me for 1 on 1 coaching or a virtual class. Discover how my signature method to build self esteem and find happiness can make the hard work worth the reward.


Certified High Performance Coach™

Holistic, science based coaching that guides you to go further than ever before!

Certified Life Coach

Helping you make positive changes in all areas of your life.

Certified Trauma Support Specialist 

Helping you kick trauma to the curb and finally get unstuck minus the talk therapy.

Religious Ed & Spiritual Mentor

Over 20+ years guiding others to deeper spirituality and faith.

"Deanna is not only an amazing coach, but she is passionate about her work. She is dedicated and cares deeply about her clients, making the experience of working with Deanna one that is truly transformational"


Tanya M.

Free Resources

Not sure if we're a good fit? Try this easy-to-follow guide to quickly decrease stress when triggered from your past.

Sail through the C.H.A.N.G.E.™

This monthly membership subscription starts your day with healthy emotional and spiritual habits for healing.


Online courses and coaching programs to keep you from drifting to your old habits and thoughts.  Learn to master self love, deepen your spiritual practices and find the life you were meant to live.

Determined to Rise™


A year long intensive MASTERMIND for the professional woman committed to rising above the emotional waves and triggers and willing to go "all in" on her career and relationships. 


Clarity. Energy. Courage. Productivity. Influence.  Your Divine Purpose.

A new hybrid style of coaching where spirituality meets science based curriculum.


Jon Doe

I’m talking about a life where you start your day with a big smile on your face, excited about the day ahead. You know what you want and there’s absolutely no confusion about how to get it. You’ve got the flexibility and freedom to enjoy every precious moment in your life. No exception.

You’re being a nurturing & loving person, giving your loved ones the attention and comfort they deserve. And when it comes to self-care? You have the luxury to visit a Day Spa or take a weekend off and indulge yourself in some “me-time” bliss.

All while having a unique business perspectiveserving your clients at your highest potential and taking your business to the next level (Think: Doubling or even quadrupling your profits).