Is Corona crushing your chance for ROMANCE?

Let me show you how to find a quality person during the quarantine.

Learn the new way to find love during the lockdown

Join the Courtship during Corona boot camp!

Let's talk about distance dating Victorian style.

Because passionate, professional women won't let the pandemic stop them from pursuing a passionate romance.

There has never been a better time to date online.

I know you may be shaking your head asking, "Deanna, WTH are you talking about"?

Let me explain.

Right now:

You're saving money on the blowouts, gel manicures and pedis.

You're saving money because you're not buying another date night outfit.

You're saving time by having to take time to actually read through someone's profile.

Quality men are focused on finding a LTR, permanent relationship now more than ever.

And if we're being honest, was your dating life really that successful before this happened?

Let's face it, when a crisis occurs (um remember Hurricane Sandy) it didn't wash away the desire for people to want to find someone to date.

An earthquake doesn't shake you to the core and stop you from hoping you'll meet "the one". 

More people are joining online dating sites than ever before.  

But this is different.

We have no idea how long it will be before we are able to physically be in touch with people.

We don't know how long it will be before we can go out on a date.

We don't know how long it will be before having the first kiss.

We have no idea what virtual dating looks like.

How do you grow a relationship when you can't meet in person?

How long do you want to wait before you can start dating again? 2 months? 4 months? 6 months?

The way we fall in love hasn't changed.  The way we searched has.

We want to share our life with someone, but dating from afar isn't going to cut it.  We may as well kiss it goodbye to finding the guy.  But what if we didn't have to?


How would it feel to get off the dating apps and because you find "the one"?

Imagine actually meeting your person during this pandemic.  You're trading CNN news for your "See you soon" guy.

How would it feel to say "buh-bye" to Netflix and chill dates and replace it with someone you want to actually cuddle on the couch with? 

How would it feel to have the first "real date" without the pressure of meeting for the first time?

How would it feel to know someone intimately without being physically intimate?

After the pandemic ends, how would it feel to have your first kiss feel like the iconic V-J day sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square after coming home from the War?

Can you imagine the amazing love story you'll be sharing with friends because you found the amazing guy without wasting your time going out on several bad dates?










Join the Courtship During Corona Bootcamp.

Courtship During Corona Boot Camp was designed combining modern dating programs and proven strategies for dating used during the Victorian era, by military spouses and in several traditional cultures.

This program was designed with proven dating systems for people who had to date from afar!


The Professional Women's Dating Mastermind will show you how to find someone who complements you and doesn't compete with you. You'll learn how to be fully alive and engaged in the moment again. You feel your purpose. You generate joy, confidence and love whenever you want to.

The Mastermind will help you feel like the best days of your life suddenly becoming the norm.

Like every day is passionate, fulfilling, and meaningful. It's a whole other level of living with someone by your side. And it can be yours if you decide you want it right now.

You'll learn how to master your psychology, physiology, productivity, and people skills so that you can feel alive again, find your purpose, and feel more joyous, confident and fulfilled in every area of your life.

You'll learn how the Twelve Spiritual Laws of the Universe each teach you something unique about well-being, happiness, and success. When you have a solid sense of these spiritual laws, you develop a clearer picture of your own place in the world.

You'll learn how to confidently and safely date. You'll master a positive mindset and actually ENJOY going out on dates. You won't miss the red flags. And you'll learn the secret strategies to attracting and keeping the right man for you.

You don't have to struggle so much to balance your life. You don't have to keep fighting uphill battles or let your fears win. There are better ways to handle life and this is HOW.

It's time to access another level of being and achieving in life. 

It's time to stop being undervalued and overlooked.

I help high-achieving women in leadership who haven risen above adversity and want a more well rounded life to build confidence, clarity and charisma so they can next-level their career, live a life of wellness and date confidently without compromising their power or influence.












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