I'm just like you.

Deanna's journey is an example of how anyone can find happiness after trauma through faith and grit.

Deanna is a Spiritual High Performance Coach and Certified Trauma Recovery Specialist who has spent the last several years learning all about personal development, releasing trauma and creating healthy relationships with ourselves while deepening our faith. 

Known as the "Spiritual Navy Seal of Life Coaches", she’s passionate about teaching spiritual, ambitious women how to rediscover their purpose after traumatic experiences such as divorce, narcissistic abuse and CPTSD so they can rebuild confidence by deepening their faith and reducing visits to the therapist.

Deanna is serving as a mentor for others to guide them along their journey of finding happiness, making peace with their past and becoming the woman God intended them to be. 

Her approach combines spiritual practices with mindset work, High Performance Coaching™, trauma healing, and a science based curriculum to help women who are stuck and eager to continue moving forward in their personal development and spiritual journey.

Deanna understands how important it is to acknowledge one’s past and heal from it so that it’s possible to move forward, love yourself and eventually find love again. With a never give up coaching style, and saying "yes" to serving God, she is fulfilled by helping others to leave the trauma behind.

As a recent convert from Catholicism to The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints, she has helped women of all faiths and spiritual practices to find sustainable joy and happiness.

In her spare time, you'll find her laughing with her loved ones, training for a marathon, hanging with her Rescue dog Callie, doing volunteer work and of course, studying scripture while eating peanut butter cookies or red licorice taffy!