The Enduring Journey.

Deanna's journey is an example of how anyone can overcome life's adversities, manage life's constant challenges  and manifest sustainable happiness and joy!

Deanna's journey started as the product of a narcissistic parent who took recreational drugs and an alcoholic parent who was in and out of her life.   She survived a toxic marriage, then skidding straight into 2 romantic relationships with narcissists.   She has also gone through a devastating earthquake, hurricane, a pregnancy loss, life threatening illness, and numerous other challenges.

It wasn't until she discovered her parent was a narcissist which led to poor self esteem, low confidence and a life of submissiveness, that she discovered she suffered from Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To work through her low depression and severe stress, Deanna began learning more about CPTSD and worked through her suffering and triggers through journaling, faith, meditation, breath work, personal development and coaching.

Deanna became a Certified High Performance Coach™, life coach, trauma support specialist, SKY breath meditation practitioner and speaker to work through her "dark season" of life so she could help others do the same. 

Deanna hopes to help others find sustainable happiness and empower them to hit life's curveballs out of the park every time so they can live their dream life.

Deanna is now living her dream life.  When Deanna isn't spending time with her sons and beloved pitbull mix Callie, you can find her quietly reading, training for her next marathon or enjoying a seriously good burger and sipping peanut butter whiskey.