Greetings from the Grand Canyon State!

Deanna became a Certified High Performance Coach™, life coach, trauma support specialist, dating coach and speaker to work through her "dark season" of life. Deanna's journey is an example of how anyone can overcome repeated adversity, take charge of their life and manifest happiness. From being the product of a narcissistic parent who took recreational drugs, an alcoholic parent, and surviving a toxic marriage, romantic relationship with a narcissist, a devastating earthquake, hurricane, life threatening illness and numerous other challenges, Deanna is an example of how resilience, hope and forgiveness can lead to a happy life.

When Deanna isn't spending time with her sons and beloved pittie Callie, you can find her quietly reading, training for her next marathon or enjoying a seriously good burger.

Deanna hopes to empower other women who have suffered adversity and narcissistic abuse to reach their greatness and tap into their full potential.


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